Embarrassing Work Stories

Ant Attack!

I worked in the oilfields a few years ago, where they only had porta pottys to do your bussiness in. It was summer and I was doing my thing when all of a sudden, I felt something biting me...

It was ants all over my unmentionables!! I jumped up, ran out butt naked, pulling my clothes off tr...

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Sign THIS!

Once, when I was working as a cashier, it was that time of the month and I was carrying my tampons..

I had used a pen earlier that day, and put it in my apron for later.Little did I know the pen had slid into my tampon, so when a (MALE!) customer asked to use it, I pulled out the pen, and t...

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Hemmorhoid Prank

My brother was the assistant fire chief in a town in Arkansas. He and some of the other firemen were well known practical jokers, always pulling some sort of joke on one another...

One day they got into one of their fellow firefighters locker and took his hemorrhoid medication tub, unscrewe...

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The office relationship that wasnt

My former boyfriend used to call me at work incesssantly when we were first going out. Of course, I was head over heels at the time, so I loved it.

One day the phone rang and one of my coworkers got it."It's for you, it's your lover." she said.
I rushed over to the phone and gushed ...

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Guy or Girl?

I was working at a fast food restaurant in a truck stop. At the time I was legally too young to work the meat slicer so I had to work up front with the customers.

I got accustom to greeting the customers as either sir of ma'am. Well not such a great idea at a truck stop. How could I tel...

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Fire truck trouble

During my rookie year at the fire department I was very eager to impress everyone with my firefighting skills. Being the only female at my department,it was even more important that I look "competent".

One day we got toned out for a fire and I rushed to get geared up and ready to go. I ran...

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Sat on the blob

Years ago, when I was working as an executive secretary for a huge law firm, I was in the employees cafeteria, having lunch. As I got up to return to my desk, a very playful (and totally "harmless") guy named "Fred" suddenly ran up behind me, and, wrapping his arms around my waist, quickly whispere...

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Stupid Santa Hats

I worked in a deli in a grocery store for a couple of years. It was adjoined to the seafood department. The seafood manager was a spunky, little, elderly lady, whom I loved. Sometimes she annoyed me, though.

On Dec. 1st of that year, she brought these retarded Santa Hats, and we were t...

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Internet Fun at Work!

This didnt happen to me (THANK GOD!!!), but I was so embarrassed for my sister when she told me, I just had to share it.

My younger sister has always been somewhat of a wild girl, and she has a very perverted sense of humor. Shes pretty crude and loud about sexual and/or kinky things.

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The Bosses Nice Butt

My friend and I were working the closing shift one night, and one of our closing tasks was to take the garbage to the big dumpster in the back room.

She had been flirting with our boss, our Person In Charge for a couple of months. I thought he was really cute, but mostly kept it to myself ...

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