Don't pee in the shower


OK, I usually am a lot faster to shower after gym, but today I was tired. So as I got into the shower I started to have to go pee. The bathrooms were across the hall, and I was naked so I just decided to go in the shower. A little pee won't hurt. It will just wash away. WRONG! To my surprise loads of diarrhea started pouring out! Then I heard an announcement coming from the speaker, but I couldn't really hear it because the shower was on. This is what it was: "The boys locker room has busted a pipe.... Will all boys report to the girls locker room to take their showers.... but don't worry the girls gym period is over, have a nice day!" So all of a sudden boys started running in to the shower, but they stopped in shock. Not only was I naked but the whole floor and my butt were covered in diarrhea. They all started laughing. I just ran out crying.

Then a couple hours later I was thinking about the diarrhea that was still in the shower. Then I heard another bad announcement: "Will the person who left the diarrhea in the shower please come clean it up!" I froze. I remember telling my ex-best friend about it for some reason. Then she yelled: "That was Brittany!"

I will never live it down.
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