A Cheap wedding


This story was relayed to me by my sister, who, fortunately, is able to laugh about this now.

There was a time in her life when my sister went from one boyfriend to another, and had several short-lived relationships, several engagements, and had been married and divorced a couple of times, etc.

She was going to get married to this one guy named Sam, who my family and I thought was a bit of a flake. My sister and he went as far as getting all of the wedding invitations printed out. Fortunately my sister woke up and smelled the coffee regarding Sam the Flake, and so that particular wedding never took place. However, my sister was left with all these unused wedding invitations.

Well... fast-forward about a year or two, and my sister finds yet ANOTHER "man of her dreams", and she and this new man in her life are about to get married.

My family has had a reputation of being cheap, and this occasion was no exception. Since my sister still had the old, unused invitations from her last wedding and she liked the designs on them, she decided to re-use them. Some would call this ingenious, others would call this tacky or cheap. Anyway, she took the invitations to a print shop to have them cut in half. That way, the old text would be cut out, and then she could fold the remaining paper in half and run them through her home computer to print new text on them, making them look like authentic invitations. (Cheap!) Nobody would ever know they were originally intended for a previous wedding, or so she thought...

Well.... when she and her new fiance went to the print shop to pick up the "modified" (as in cut in half) invitations, they were holding hands, exchanging a few romantic kisses, sporting their engagement rings, putting on the usual public, romantic display that soon-to-be-married couples do, etc.

The young clerk at the counter, having read both halves of the invitations, and not knowing what my sister intended to do with them, handed the invitations back and said, "OK, Jennifer and Sam, here you go!" My sister's fiance spoke up and said, "My name is SHANE. I'm Jennifer's Fiance."

As my sister and Shane exchanged kisses and walked out of the print shop holding hands, the puzzled look of confusion on the clerk's face was priceless!

Don't know if any of the wedding guests ever found out that they were given refurbished invitations. We can only imagine what they would have thought.

BTW, sadly, but also fortunately, that marriage was short-lived also. At least she wasn't out much this time with the invitations!

She did finally marry a very nice guy several years later, and they're still happily married.
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