Its bad to bully!


This is a true story that happened about five or six years ago. I was eleven at the time when my 13yr old cousin came to spend a week with us. My aunt and uncle went on a business trip. Each day my girlfriends would stop by and we would all go to the park around the corner from my house. My cousin being the oldest thought he was all that. He would bully us and other kids at the park around. One day he kicked a kid who was about 8 or 9 off the swings. When the kid struggled and fought back a little my cousin pushed him down and made him cry. The little boy ran off up the street. About an hour later three girls roughly 15 or 16 returned with the boy and he pointed out my cousin who was talking to some girls his age. The girls asked my cousin if he thought he was tough and then began to beat him up. He didn't put up much of a fight before he was covering his head and crying like a baby. Two of the girls then grabbed him and stood him up on his feet. They told the little boy to take a couple swings at him, which despite my cousins pleas he did. At this time about 10 to 15 kids had gathered around to watch. We all though it was over when the third girl whispered in the little boys ear. He giggled and without hesitation walked over to where he was being held and yanked down his shorts and underwear. Exposing his tiny genitals to the crowd. He tried everything to free himself, but was no match for the two girls. The little boy removed his shorts and underwear while at the same time the girls removed his shit. They warned him if he tried to cover himself they would beat him up again. He just stood there for a minute naked and then took off running up the street. I had never to this day seen anything like it!
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