The Bomb Scare


In 6th grade we were in class, and there was an emergency warning over the loudspeaker. We had to stay in class b/c some stupid 8th grader wrote about a bomb coming on the bathroom wall. Well, I had been planning to pee after 2nd period but we had to stay in class because the police were inspecting every classroom to check for bombs.

After 3 hours the police still hadn't come to our class and I was bursting. Also I really had to fart but I knew that if I did I would start peeing all over the place. Of course my fart slipped out and pee started streaming out of my thin pants (now I always look back and wish I had been wearing my thick black jeans.) Anyway it formed a big yellow puddle on my seat which dripped on the white floor. Since it was science class I had a lab partner at my same table who saw the dripping. She shrieked her head off which made everyone turn around, thinking that the "bomb" had been dropped on her head. She pointed at me and everyone stared. They all saw and I was so embarrassed! Then I had to stay in that stupid room. Finally the police came in to check our room and they saw too.

Luckily I moved a while after, but not very far away, and occasionally I see a person from my old school, who never would pass up a chance to tease me.
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