Swimming pool woody


It was back in 1975 and I was at a local swimming pool. After swimming some laps (that was part of my exercise regimen back then) I went and laid back on a lounge chair on the side of the pool.

It was an enclosed pool with a translucent window roof directly over the lounge chair area. Being a hot, sunny Denver day, the lounge chair area along side the pool was hot and humid, and very well lit. I was very tired and in just a few minutes went
to sleep. As many people know, men tend to get an erection at least once during an extended sleeping period and guess what happened to me? Yeah, I had a "woody" that wouldn't quit.

Back in 1975, swimwear for men was quite a bit skimpier than the baggy swimsuits in style today and it was impossible to disguise such an occurrence. Some middle-aged man who I didn't even know
woke me up and informed me that I should probably leave the pool area.

While asleep, a group of at least 20 younger teenage girls (either a church group or girl scout group) arrived at the pool and evidently I was the talk of the group. When I became aware of my situation I immediately rolled over onto my stomach until the erection went away. Totally "red faced" I looked out at the girls and most of them were glancing my direction, chatting and giggling away.

Once my member was back to a normal flaccid state, I did a bee-line for the men's dressing room and got the heck out of there.

That was the last time I've ever gone to sleep wearing a swimming suit in a public place.
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