It wasn't worth it


This happened when I was ten and my sister who was thirteen and I always picked on each other. Well one day she had some friends over to the house I walked up behind her and pulled her pants down so all her friends saw her in her thong guys and girls. Well she went running away to our mom and told on me. My mom was so mad she marched down stairs grabbed me by the ear and took me up to my room and gave me a spanking for my prank. Well i thought it was worth it but boy was I wrong...

Later that week I was laying in my room and my mom walked in and said it was time for my punishment for embarrassing my sister. She said that since my sisters friends saw her in a thong it was only fair if they saw me in a thong too. So I was made to go down stairs wearing nothing but my sisters thong and she had all of her friends over and some of my friends there too. I was made to stay there like that for a good twenty minutes with all of them laughing at me then my mom came storming down the stairs with a belt in her hand bent me over the table and spanked me in front of everybody. Then i had to apologize to my sister again and was sent upstairs to bed.

Boy did I learn my lesson!
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