Janitors surprise!


I was 15 when this happened - I was at school and had to go to the bathroom really bad and i couldn't hold it in any longer. well i went #2 and when i went to get toilet paper, there was none. no one was around so i did a little waddle wit my pants at my ankles to get to the other stalls, but they to were out of paper. I had to go towards the front of the bathroom to get paper towels. without warning, a female janitor walks in to find me standing there with my pants and boxers down and trying to get a lot of paper towels out of the dispenser. I was so embarrassed and quickly put the thin towels in front of my area and tried to explain how there wasn't any toilet paper left. just then another janitor walked in. they didn't look like they spoke English but i was still embarrassed. she just walked in and put toilet paper in the stalls...

I was so embarrassed and not knowing what to do by then, i had just turned into the wall hiding my face a exposing my butt. one janitor patted it on the way out and said "bye" as they both left and i herd the door shut. i quickly finished up and ran out of there and got back to class. they now always smile when they see me and whisper to each other in Spanish.

I was so embarrassed!
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