A very public 'monthly visitor'


When I was in highschool I went on my first co-ed camping trip,without adult supervision.

I had gotten my period that day and was disappointed because my boyfriend and I would finally have some privacy. Well the night went on and everyone was crashing out, so we went to bed as well. Well, we started fooling around and decided that my monthly visitor wasn't such a big deal, but the campgrounds bathrooms were a 5 minute walk away.

My baby didn't want to wait for me to walk all that way to dispose of my tampon, so he convinced me to just chuck it in the woods. Nasty, I know.

Well, everything was fine and everyone was happy and packing up the next morning when one of the other guys that was with us said,"Eeeeeeewwwwwww gross!!!" When we turned to see,sure enough, there was my bloody tampon hanging from a tree branch. It had twisted itself around a small branch a few feet away from our tent!

Everyone turned and gave me the most disgusted look, all I could do was blush and rush my bag to the car.

I am about to marry the same guy and have most of the same friends and it was never mentioned again, but that is something I'll never forget!
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