Shaving the Penis


When I was in High School I was enrolled in a student nursing program. We studied Liberal Arts classes in the morning and Nursing classes in the afternoon. When I was a junior, 16 years old, we started spending an afternoon a week at the local hospital helping the nurses and learning our trade.

One day the head nurse informed me that I would be learning to do shave preps and that I would be assisting her shaving a male patient for hernia surgery. I must have blushed crimson because she said "There's nothing for you to be embarrassed about. After all it's the guy who's getting shaved." She grabbed two prep kits and I followed her to the prep room where the patient was waiting. I tried to calm down but my hands were shaking and my mouth was dry. When we entered the room I was looking at the floor. The nurse said 'Margo this is Mr. Johnson'. That's when I looked up and got THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE! 'Mr. Johnson' was a senior boy I went to school with and had a crush on. From the look on his face he was just as shocked as I was. Both of us turned red, but neither of us said a word...

He was sitting on the table wearing a little gown which he tried to cover more of himself with. The nurse took it all in stride and told him to lie down. She promised him we wouldn't hurt him and then she stepped up to the table with her prep kit. I was trying to get as far away as possible, but she said 'Margo please step up to the other side of the table.' I did and that's when she asked him to sit up and she undid his gown and pulled it off. The poor guy was now totally naked! She told him to lie down and she immediately began shaving off his pubic hair. All the while she was explaining how to do it to me, but I wasn't hearing a word. I was so embarrassed I thought I'd faint!

That's when she handed me the razor and said, 'Okay you can do the rest.' I thought my hands were shaking before. I took the razor and VERY gently began to shave the boy I had a crush on. The Problem was his penis kept getting in the way and finally the nurse said 'Pick up his penis in one hand and shave with the other. Now I really felt like I was going to faint. I did as I was told and tried to finish shaving him as fast as I could without cutting him. And that's when it happened. He got a huge erection!! I was SO embarrassed I started to apologize, but the nurse said, 'These things happen all the time. I'll finish this one. Why don't you go see if they need any help at the desk'. I ran out of that room as fast as I could!

Weeks later I passed the boy in school and we both blushed bright red. Neither one of us ever said a word to each other about it!
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