Caught having a 'nooner'


There was this guy that I dated for a while. We would meet for lunch quite often for a "nooner".

This particular day, we went down this dirt road that is not traveled a lot. We had gotten too cramped in his truck for our plans. So he got out and came over to the passenger side and I was bent over the seat. We were really getting at it when all of a sudden we heard a voice. We both looked up and it was a local policeman!

He made my guy step back (with his pants still around his ankles) and was asking me if I was ok. He was making sure I was not kidnapped!!

I was laughing so hard, I could not pull up my pantyhose! We were also warned not come riding through that area again! Sad part is, we didn't get to finish and he drove me back to work very stiff!
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