Too much relaxing during anal!!


So I was going to try anal with my boyfriend. I lost my virginity to him after 4 months of dating him and half a year later, he keeps begging me for ass action. We tried a few times but it hurt too much to go on.

I decided to be brave and handle it once and for all. I let him start; I kept crying softly and telling him to slow down. He told me to relax, but I had to squeeze because it felt like I needed to use the bathroom (#1 and 2) but he said his manliness was touching a muscle that gave me that impression, it was nothing to worry about. Anyway, the pain soon wasn't as bad but it still hurt me. I relaxed, but wasn't too happy.

Suddenly, I feel something wet. I thought it was the lube running down my butt, so I ignored it. Then when he finished, he told me to stay there. He took some towels and wiped some cum off my ass and quickly, suspiciously took them away from me. Then we went to shower.

Later that night he confessed that I peed and even pooped a little during anal. I was embarrassed, but thankfully we laughed it off.

We haven't had anal since.
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