Caught with pants down


I live in a college dorm with a roommate, so it's pretty hard for me and my boyfriend to find some privacy to do our thing, not that it mattered much where we were, but sometimes privacy is good.

Anyways, we decided to go find a dark isolated place somewhere on campus and well we found it, anyways, it was right outside this building that no one was supposed to be in so I wasn't that worried about getting caught-although the thought was kinda of more exciting and arousing! He unzipped my pants and had my pants down almost to my knees when this girl walks out of the building, in the process slamming the door shut real hard, i guess she didn't like walking in on something like that, well, there I was with my boyfriend's hand fingering my pussy and it was too late to cover up so I just hid my face and prayed to god she wouldn't recognize me later on!!!
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