Mr Speedos!


This was by far the most embarrassing moment of my life. I have always been a good swimmer and am often down at the local pool. When I was 14 I joined the school swimming team, and was really looking forward to my first practice. The day before the first practice, my friend told me that the team operated a Speedo only policy, so I apprehensively went out and bought one. I had never worn one before, so was really nervous about wearing it, especially in front of all my friends. On the day of the practice, I went early and got used to wearing it before they all came. I had a shower and then went out and sat on the side of the pool.

About 10 minutes later both the boys and girls team arrived and to my horror none of the guys were wearing Speedos. They immediately made fun of me, and pointed at my withering crotch. I went bright red, and when I stood up to get in the pool, one of the guys playfully grabbed my butt. I ignored it and got in to the pool as if nothing had happened.

That was to be only the start of it. I saw one of my friends whisper something to one of the fit girls, and she immediately swam towards me. She swam right up to me and without any warning grabbed my crotch and started feeling my penis. Being a normal teenager I started getting an erection, although when she tried to pull my trunks off I resisted. She screamed that I had a boner and within a minute the lifeguard blew her whistle, thinking somebody was hurt.

I tried to get out concealing my crotch, however that soon failed when some of the guys grabbed my arms and held them behind my back, placing by bulge in full view of all of the laughing girls. As if that wasn't bad enough, one of them grabbed my trunks from behind, pulling them down below my knees. I was completely mortified that I was fully exposed and my penis went within a matter of seconds from being semi erect to shrivelled up. I tried to struggle, but only ended up making matters worse, as I saw my crush get a full view of all my parts, from back and front. I then managed to cover my crotch with my hands, although they quickly managed to prise my hands apart. After about two minutes (it seemed like an hour)I managed to get my Speedo back on, although by that point everybody had seen everything.

At least I got one of the guys back by stealing his towel in the showers and forcing him to run naked through the changing rooms to get it back.

My revenge is not nearly finished though!! Ideas please!
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