The Royal Flush


When I was a freshman in high school, the upperclassman played pranks on the new students during Homecoming Week in order to initiate them. Each afternoon during Homecoming Week, all of the students and teachers gathered at the football field for activities. During the activities one afternoon, a couple of seniors came and told me that a teacher had asked me to go to the office. When I entered the school, I didn't see anyone at the office desk. A group of seniors were waiting inside for me, and they drug me into the restroom, turned me upside-down, and drug me into one of the stalls. I tried to get away, but I was much smaller than them. Since all of the teachers were outside on the football field, there was no one to help me. They proceeded to lower my head into the toilet and flush it. Four of their girlfriends were with them as well, and they were all laughing at me.

I thought that was going to be the end of it, but they told me that I was going to get a special freshman initiation called a royal flush. It was a small school with only six restrooms, and they said they were going to carry me around the building giving me a swirlie in every toilet in the school. I ended up only getting six swirlies though, because they stopped when they caught a glimpse of a teacher coming back into the building when they were carrying me out of the second restroom and into the third.

They made me return to the football field without cleaning up at all. My hair and shirt were completely soaked. They told me that if any teachers asked why I was wet to tell them that I was hit with a water balloon; they said that if I told the truth that they would finish my royal flush in the rest of the toilets the next day. So I told the teachers that they had only hit me with a water balloon.
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