Little Miss Embarrassed


I was sitting in high school and we were doing a maths test. Well, you know what its like, in a maths test NO-ONE is allowed 2 go to the toilet. My mistake was, I drank a whole big bottle of water 2 calm my nerves 4 the test...

About an hour into the test, I started to need the toilet soooooo bad. I couldn't concentrate on anything, let alone the test! So I shoved my hand on my crotch and w8ted. Well, the urge went away 4 a bit, so I went back 2 my test. A few minutes later, however, the urge was back - real bad. I started jiggling on my seat, and tapping my feet on the floor. I bit my lip so hard - my crotch was going numb. I crossed my legs and waited. A little bit of pee trickled down my leg, so I shoved my butt even harder on the chair and it went away until the end of the test. Another bit of pee trickled down my leg as the teacher collected in my test, but I just managed to shove my hard in real hard and it stopped. I WAS IN AGONY!!!!!!!! My crotch was on fire!

The bell rang and, man, I was soooo relieved! The teacher dismissed us, and I shuffled across to the door. I would have made it like that, shuffling along with my legs crossed, but the teacher called to me to walk properly (by the way, Mr Mansfield is like no other teacher - u cannot say no 2 him or answer back) so I uncrossed my legs and felt a burning pain in my crotch, so I couldn't move. By now, everyone was staring at me, as I was blocking the doorway. The teacher yelled at me to get a move on, so I took 1 step - and my bladder exploded! Pee flooded everywhere, and I tried sooo hard to keep it all in, but it was impossible! I couldn't stop the flow. I held myself to try and cover it, but it was no use. My skirt was soaked, my books were soaked, the floor was soaked...I was flooding the classroom!

I hate Mr Mansfield!!!
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