Sleep talking...oops!


Ok so I sleep talk a lot. My mom had a party with her friends and they were over all night long! I was sick so I went to bed early. Not only do I sleep talk but I also roll around and grab things. And at the time there was a boy I liked named nick. My mom told her friends about nick at the party and I heard them laugh. Now I remember what I do and say when I sleep. Everyone wanted to meet me so they went upstairs to my room. When they opened the door I was asleep (kind of) but holding a pillow and rolling around yelling NICK GIVE IT TO ME COME ON O YEAH BABY!!! Unfortunately Nick's mom was my mom's friend and they all knew which nick I was talking about. And they knew what I wanted to do with him. His mom forbade us to see each other and he asked why...She told him the entire story and he told everyone at school!
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