Floating Nude


I am a 19 yr. old male and frequently skinny dip at night in my pool outback. One night my parents were away for the weekend and after a long day and party night I grabbed a couple of beers, shed my clothes and headed outside to the pool. I slipped into the pool for a swim, lay on the deck under the midnight sky and had a couple of the beers. I decided to lay on the raft under the moonlight and relax as I floated naked in the pool...

The next thing I know I am being woken at about 8:00 a.m. by the birds chirping, the sun in my eyes and greeted by the stares of the neighbour's 17 yr. old daughter at poolside as she was leaving for work the next day!!

I had fallen asleep under the stars and slept through the night floating on the raft! When I awoke I was stark naked floating in the middle of the pool with a huge morning hard on sticking straight up. As the neighbour stared at me in amazement and shock, I had nowhere to hide, no clothes, no towel, nothing to cover with......just the neighbour, myself and my cock for all to see.

To add insult to injury... our pool can be seen from the alley behind our home and I will never know who else saw me that morning??
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