First impressions are lasting impressions


While in the hospital recovering from surgery, I was on some pretty wicked pain meds, which made me quite loopy to say the least...

My husbands boss and his wife, whom I had never met, stopped by to visit. I was a bit uncomfortable to be lying there in just a hopital gown, so I decided to cover myself. I went to grab the sheet, but grabbed the backless hospital gown instead and pulled it right up to my neck. There I am laying in all of my naked glory, clutching the hospital gown tightly to my neck with a big stupid grin on my face. My husband was desperately trying to pull the gown back down, I was wondering why he would try to do such a thing, so I held on even tighter while slapping him with my free hand. The next thing I heard, was the bosses wife say "Oh my god, she flashed us!" In my drug induced haze, I didnt catch the meaning of what she had said until my husband threw himself on top of me and said, "honey you have to let go of the nightie so I can cover you up....".

Talk about lasting first impressions! Wonder who was the topic of conversation at the water cooler that week?
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