She Pee'd Herself Laughing!


So it was lunchtime, Everybody had eaten, and me and three of my friends, one boy and two girls were having a laugh and joke. We were all acting crazy until I told an apparently hilarious joke. My three friends starting cracking up whilst I was amazed at how funny it was. I turned around and walked away to sit down on the bench until I heard a gasp from my male friend who shouted "YOUR WEEING!!"

I turned back around to see one of my female friends was weeing herself whilst tryig to hide behind my other female friend. She had needed the loo but never went and tried to hold it in but failed. Another one of my friends came and her along with my female friend escorted the girl to the toilets whilst me and my male friend stood in shock. I never saw her until the next week but she was fine then...

The worst part was people were stepping in the wee not knowing that it was actually urine.

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