Period Attack in Writing!


I'm in 6th grade. I had my period and it was writing class. We had laptops. So when I went to put my friend's laptop away, everyone was like staring at me when I had gotten to my desk. Every girl went up to my best friend Maggie and told her that I had blood on the back of my light purple pants. After the last girl told Maggie she told me. I burst out crying.

She said "Wrap your sweatshirt around your waist to cover the spot on your pants. " So I did what she said and she took me to the nurse. I told the nurse what had happened and she asked me if I wanted to go home. I said no.

I mean, I didn't want to go home and let all my classmates think I was a baby for going home to my mommy. So I went to the bathroom and I changed my pad and then went back to the classroom.

That was so so my embarrassing moment!!!!
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