Waterslide+Loose Trunks=BAD!


im a 16-year old guy in high school. Anyway, i went to a waterpark with some friends. the string on my trunks had broken so my trunks were loose, i didnt think much about it at the time....

Well, one of my friends dared me to go down backwards so of course i did like an idiot. But, as im about to go down my friends grab my trunks and push me down naked. let me tell you, going down a large, winding, freezing cold waterslide at high speeds is not fun. absolutely freezing water was slamming into my crotch the whole way and of course i was emptied out into a freezing cold pool. lets just say that my package was about one-hundredth its normal size, it physically hurt!!

So, of course i have to run naked to the locker room in a crowded waterpark were i hid in the locker room until my "friends" came in. However, they wouldnt give up the swim suit until i did one thing for them...Unfortunately that was to walk into the girls locker room. i had no other choice but to do it. of course i was greeted with laughter and numerous comments about my shrunken state.

Finally my friends gave me my trunks and we headed home. it was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me.
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