Revolving Door Disaster


This happened to me last year, the summer after I graduated college.

I was rushing around my apartment packing for a trip to Mexico with my boyfriend when I realized I should buy a bathing suit. I decided to make a quick trip to the mall. I threw on one of my boyfriend's old button-up shirts and a pair of jeans. I didn't wear a bra because I thought it would save time trying bikini tops on and my breasts are really perky anyway so no one would notice.

Well, I got to the mall and found a bathing suit in record time, but as I was leaving...disaster struck.

I exited the mall through the main entrance, which has this big plaza area and a huge revolving door to the parking lot. I stepped into the door just behind this guy, figuring he knew I was behind him. Well, he didn't, and without realizing I was there he suddenly turned and pushed the door in the opposite direction. I felt something pulling be back very tightly, and realized by baggy shirt had gotten caught in the door. I just panicked and started straining forward, and the worst possible thing happened: the buttons of my shirt popped off almost all at once, leaving me completely topless.
With most of my shirt now caught in the door, it stopped moving, leaving me trapped inside. My hands were still caught in the cuffs of my shirt, so my arms were pinned behind me and there was no way to cover up. Groups of people were gathering on the sidewalk in front of me who had wanted to get into the mall, and I'm sure there were a lot of people inside who wanted to get out. I tried to pull my arms free, but that only made my breasts press up against the glass, a real treat for the teenage guys outside with their cell-phone cameras. I just had to stand there and wait for a maintenance guy while they all laughed and stared--it took about twenty minutes but if felt like an eternity!

I still can't go to a mall without blushing, much less use a revolving door!
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