Wedgie And Worm Freshman Beating


I'm a freshman in high school and in the first week of school these girls got me and got me BAD!!!

Well, I was walking down the street near these woods at about 3:00p.m. and I walked past these senior girls and they said "hey freshman come here!" So I got scared and started running, I'm pretty fast too, One of them tackled me and they pulled me into the woods. The one that tackled me (we'll call her Kali) and her friend (let's say Mary) pushed me high up, against a chain link fence and the one that watched and followed (we'll name her Leann) went behind the fence and pulled my underwear up REALLY high and it hurt so bad I started crying. Leann put a tennis ball in it and twisted it around and to add to the pain Kali and Mary let go leaving me dangling by my panties and I started screaming and crying and begging them to let me down. Leann said "look at the wittle baby bitch cwying! And they stripped me(to nothing except my pink C-cup frilly bra and my frilly pink panties to match my bra) that's when I started bawling. Then Mary said "let's help little miss baby!" so she grabbed sugar and poured it down my panties! Kali came over with a handful of worms and said "here ya go beotch!" The worms were eating the sugar in my crotch! then to make it even worse they started to put twigs in the back of my panties. To top it all off they took off my bra and twisted my nipples really hard. They then spun me around and started slapping my butt after at least 50 spankings they left.

I hung for about 5 minutes and my panties ripped. Since there were worms and twigs in my panties I took off all my underwear and ran home completely naked...

If you don't believe me you don't have to but it's good to get that off my chest :)
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