Forgetting you've got no top on...


I was at a dance competition one night, and after it was over, most of our studio was staying the night at this hotel. after we'd all finished swimming, we went back to our rooms, and got ready to suprise one of my dance instructers with a birthday party. I wanted to get dressed quickly, so i only grabbed a sweatshirt and pants. I figured id be ok, i'd only be out for a little while...

So i get to her surprise party, and we were all just sitting in the hotel room, and we decided to go down to the arcade.

The arcade was PACKED, and it was really really hot. So, im started playing air hockey against my friend, getting really warm, I totally forget ive got nothing on under my top, and unzip my sweatshirt, revealing my naked body for all to see!!

That was pretty embarrassing!! :)
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