Puberty Sucks dont it?!


Here is mine...I was in the 4th grade and I had just hit morning I had woken up in the clothes that I had worn the day before, I wore them to school again, when I got to my bus stop everyone started laughing at me...

I just thought that it was because I was wearing the same pair of
clothes for 2 days...I went on to school...when I got there more people started laughing at me. I called them all idiots and kept going straight to class. I was a major goody goody back then and I just thought that they were laughing at my preppy clothes that I had worn the day before as well.

When I got to class even my teacher busted out laughing, I was confused so I looked down...guess what I saw?!

I saw a stain from my sperm...I was was sad...I went to the bathroom and cried for an hour before I went to the office and called my mom to come and pick me up.
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