Screwing around on the job...


I was 17, and worked as a courtesy clerk at a grocery store. I pushed carts, bagged groceries, played janitor, you get my drift. Well, one night, I was out with my friend who was also a courtesy clerk. We went to retrieve carts. I was skipping and laughing, acting like a complete idiot in my uniform.

I had pushed one cart into another cart, and it started speeding away, heading right for a nice car. I had to run full-speed to catch up with it. I started screaming and laughing, trying to catch up with it. I hooked my finger on the side, and the cart kept rolling. As I did this, I somehow got my finger twisted in it, and it hurt alot.

I dropped to my knees, telling my friend that I got hurt. Some old man had seen the whole thing, and yelled, "That's what you get for screwing around on the job." I felt like an idiot.
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