Hold It In!


This one isn't so bad, but it was terrible for me. Well one time in 7th grade for our exercises before P.E. we had to do sit ups. Well that day I had a lot of gas, and so I knew if I put even the littlest of pressure on my abdomen I would let out a fart.

My class mingles with the boys and we did the exercises together so my luck, a preppy boy was right in front of me. Then we started the 30 sit ups and I kept thinking "hold it in hold it in". I got to my 10th sit up and i let out a fart. The guy in front of me was like "wow that was loud". I wanted to disappear right there.

Luckily no one else heard it in the other rows, but unluckily the preppy guy told every singe one of his stupid preppy friends(which is about all of the 7th grade,which is like 100 people). So every time we were going to do sit ups at least one of the guys would say "i hope no one farts" and look right at me. Oh man it was embarrassing.
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