Bullied in the locker room


I was really such a pervert when I was in college but this thought me a lesson.

When the girls was in the locker room. I crept inside a locker and peeped at their boobs. I did not know I was there. Little did I know that I was inside somebody's lockers. She opened the locker and screamed after she saw me. A girl bully then decided to teach me a lesson for that. She pushed me out of the locker and held my head down. She gave me a wedgie and that's the point I knew something big was going to happen.

I started to beg her for mercy but she just laughed at me. She pulled my trousers down and saw me wearing briefs. They was a whole lot of girls laughed loudly and that's when it happens. She beat me up and hold me down with her foot. She then striped me naked and made me do a hundred push up. I did it. She spanked me then and let me off.
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