Gym Class Bites!


I was in middle school about 13 years old. I had a HUGE crush on a guy (lets just call him Chris). Well we were in the gym playing crab socker. I was on the other team from Chris. I was trying to kick the ball over his head to make a point for my team, when someone blocked the ball. It hit me in the face and I skidded across the gym floor. (It was a VERY big ball) As I got up and crawled to get the ball back for my team, I found myself in front of Chris. I went to turn for the ball when I was slapped by the ball again! This time was worse. MUCH worse. The force of the ball threw me on top of my crush! To make matters worse, his shoelace somehow got tangled around my ankle and had both of out feet wrapped together. Making it impossible for me to get up! I had to lay there on top of my crush till the teacher untied us. I was teased without mercy for months about it!
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