Penis flavored lipgloss


I was 14 at the time and I had a boyfriend. He loved getting sexual but I wasn't into sex and stuff like that. It was the day before an interview to get into high school so I invited my boyfriend over to help me pick something out. In the end we decided on a black pencil skirt and a white ruffled button-down shirt. Then we picked out a red and shiny lipgloss for me to complete the outfit.

The next morning I put on my outfit and lipgloss and my mom drives me to the high school. In the middle of the interview I got a text from my boyfriend that said "did you enjoy the surprise I left you?!" I didn't know what he was talking about so I answered back "huh?". Shortly after, I received a picture message of my boyfriend's penis all red and shiny. Underneath the photo it said "it's your lipgloss, u like?!!?".

Suddenly I realized that I was wearing lipgloss that had been on my boyfriend's penis and immediately started gagging. The woman who was interviewing me started shouting "oh dear goodness are you alright you poor thing!?" and all I could do was take a tissue and pour my water bottle on it and start scrubbing my face forcibly. It was dreadful.

Thank god I got accepted. I think it was only because the woman thought I was like dying and felt bad. To this day I know never to leave a boy alone with your lipgloss.
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