Upstart Strippers


Once when I was thirteen, my friend and I were on a boy scout camping trip with our troop. We were going to a big outdoors convention that our scoutmaster runs. The entire troop was staying in a big tipi.

when our scoutmaster left for his tent and told us to go to bed, of course no one really did. Most other people at the convention were sill awake as well. My friend and I were reading together when one of the crazier boys got the idea to strip to his underwear. I'm pretty sure none of the other boys were gay, but one by one they all joined him in their skivvies until it was only my friend and I left with clothes on.

Most of the boys were wearing dark boxer-briefs, ranging from grey to red to blue. Some were also wearing plaid boxers, but none were wearing briefs, let alone what I was wearing. All of them were fairly lean and muscular.

Eventually the lead boy noticed that my friend and I weren't planning on joining him. At first he extended a friendly invitation, but at our denial he moved on slowly until he threatened to strip us naked. That was when my friend finally gave in. He slowly took off his clothes until he was left in his classic white briefs. The boys made fun of him for a minute, and then moved in on to me for the kill.

I had made it pretty clear that there was no way I was going to take my clothes off. I even said I would tell on them to the scoutmaster. My big mistake was thinking they wouldn't have the courage or organization to strip me. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I heard them whispering, but I thought that meant they had moved on and I had won. That was why I was so surprised when they leaped on me all at once. I had no time to react, just to freeze in fetal position. Before I knew it, all I had on was my thong. I'm not exactly the most fit person in our troop, so they made fun of me for that, my tears, my unusual underwear, and my uncontrollable erection before they completed the act by pulling off my thong, spanking me a few times each for good measure, and finally throwing me out the door and cinching the flap closed.

I didn't have my glasses, so I ran around aimlessly until I found a port-o-potty to hide and sleep in. I don't know how many people saw me, but I heard plenty of screams and laughter, including feminine ones. When I woke up in the morning after the stinkiest and most uncomfortable night of my life, I darted back to were I thought the tipi was amid extreme bystander emotion, whether humor or disgust. After a few minutes, I found my thong on the ground in front of our tipi, put on my clothes, and joined my friend at an awkward breakfast.
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