Worst Christmas Ever


I was 16 at the time and it was Christmas time and me and my family were gonna have a Christmas party at our house with the whole family. My cousin came and at the time she was 17 and I always had a crush on her because she was smoking hot. The party was going well when my cousin started hitting on me. We were both really horny so at the middle of the party came, we told our parents that we were going upstairs to play some games. We go into our room and we started making out. We started getting undressed until we were totally naked. She got on her hands and knees and i started fucking her hard. We switched positions and she mounted me and started riding me. Through out the whole time she was moaning really hard. So hard that the family started hearing us. We were so busy that we didn't care. I pulled out and she started blowing me and i was about to give her a facial. The WHOLE family walks in on me shooting a load on my cousins face. We were so embarrassed that we couldn't move the whole time.

I couldn't look at my family ever again. Worst day ever.
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I was like, raped.
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