I was like, raped.


So, I was at school, and I yelled at my friend and I told her I wouldn't be friends anymore (because she's MEAN)

So I was walking in the halls and BAM- who grabbed me! I turned around to see her and her "posse"

I didn't know it was gonna be THIS bad.

"Shut up," one of her friends said. I was quite, because she's tough. They pushed me into a closet.
"Okay, what do you want?" I asked. I forgot what I said to her earlier and thought she was gonna ask for a pad or something.
"Ha, well, I'm getting revenge!" She said. I noticed she was cutting my pants! I screamed, but one covered my mouth. I watched in terror as my pants split in half. She also cut off my shirt! So, I was half naked in front of them! My boobs are like, huge. So she ripped off my BRA and jiggled them. I wanted her to STOP (of course)

She also ripped off my underwear. They laughed at my pubes. THEN they stole MY stuff and pushed me out the door, in front of everyone! I ran back in, and they looked mad!
"Go out there and have sex with some boy, or else I'll KILL YOU!" She threatend.
So I went out and yes, in front of everyone, jumped some kid. They all ran out of the closet and pushed me outside, with everyone staring. They started to all have SEX with me. Oh my god.
I can't finish this story, it's making me shake. I'm sorry.
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