Relieving the pressure of love..


This story was told to me by my husband...

When he was in in about the 8th grade in school he had a crush on this cute little red head girl that is in one of his classes.

He was to shy to talk to her, and would never make eye day she sat right across from him in the cafeteria. this made it really hard to concentrate on his lunch. she made small talk with him and he got very much in fact,well, lets just say he could not stand up while she or any other person was around with out getting some attention.

His lunch break was over and it was time to get back to class, but givin his situation he refused to budge. the red head still had 20 minutes in her lunch break, and he was starting to sweat. he could still feel it pushing hard against his pants. 2 minutes later, the pressure in his pants was gone, so he thought it was safe to go..He stood up and smiled at her only to her face turn beat red. Then he noticed...

It wasn't at all safe for him to stand up-the reason he didn't feel the pressure any more is because his pants had come undone. and when he stood up out protruded his manhood for all to see. needless to say he didnt recover from that one for a long time.
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