Who wants fish?


Me and my grlfriend are chilling in my room and we're getting kinda friendly and we're kissing and touching or whatever ( i didn't worry about my mom cause she work during the day) and we're undressing and she decides to go down, does her thing and then turns around and I go down as well.

So I'm sitting here doin' my thing when I thought I heard a sound, but i wasn't sure cause I couldn't hear over her moaning and everything so i pay it no mind and keep doin' whatever.

All of a sudden the door flings open and my older brothers standing there gasping, while my girls tryin' to put her clothes on!

It was sooooooo embarrising he never let it go after that, everytime we go to a restaurant or something he's always like," Hey Jj u gonna order the fish" and then he laughs like it's funny.

it's not funny.