Caught with their clothes off!


Ten years ago I was dating this guy who liked to have sex in really strange and or public places.

While out together one afternoon we decided to find some place to get our groove on. We found a patch of woods behind a huge parking lot, parked the car and walked into the woods a way.

We pulled off each others clothes, things got hot and heavy real quick. We were really into it oblivious to anything else around us. I was "the one doing the work" when I heard something very close walking towards us, I figured it was an animal and kept right on going when I heard a man say "excuse me but I think I have to interrupt the party"!!

My head snapped up and standing there was a police officer!

I wanted to crawl into the closest animal hole I could find! He turned around, told us he would be waiting for us at the parking lot and walked away. We grabbed our clothes, got dressed as fast as possible and walked out to the lot.

I have to say I thought we were going to get a ticket or much worse, the officer must have enjoyed what he saw because he gave us a warning told us to be more careful in the future and left.

My boyfriend and I married a year later, we still like to walk in the woods, but with our clothes on !