She's to old for you...


When I was about 12 and just starting to get into the heat of puberty something.... happened. Puberty was having a strange effect on me, I was usually trying to be naked. So I was really happy when I found a lake to go skinny dipping in. Everything was fine until the 4th time I went there. I didn't realize that I wasn't the only one, until I saw HER. I'd never seen a naked girl in real life before... and I guess the bouncing of her boobs and stuff was just to much. Although the water was cold, I still got a stiff one... even bigger then normal. I thought she had gone, but it turned out she had seen me and had swum underwater to behind me. I started to get out when I noticed her standing on the land... completely naked and dripping. I think she was like 17, because she was developed... if you know what I mean. Not only that but she had my boxers! So here I was with out anything on, but an erection, standing there mesmerized by her boobs while she just started to walk away. I just wanted to get away so I ran home dick bobbing. I guess no one saw me, but I was scared to death. I just went to bed and haven't told anyone since.
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