I See London, I See France


When I was a teenager, I went over to my next door neighbours house all the time. My neighbour was a hot blonde with huge boobs. Well, one day both her and her younger sister (also quite good looking) wore extremely short shorts. If they moved their legs at all I could see their panties. Then they both started saying "I see London I see France..." to each other. Needless to say I got quite turned on. Since I have sizeable penis, they saw the bulge growing from my shorts. The shorts I was wearing made it totally noticeable although I did not notice. I didn't know this at the time but they planned that on purpose so they could see how big my penis actually was. They were impressed. That's ok because later on that same summer the hot blonde wore a bathing suit. Every time she bent over I saw her huge boobs very clearly. To pay her back I told her that she had a nice rack. She was mortified. Paybacks are great!!
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