my uninviting friend!!


This happened to me on my first day of 9th grade!! I had no idea that I was going to start my period soon! so I went to school unprepared! I had my first class with my biggest crush. I walked in the room and he was just staring at me, I thought it was because he thought I was cuter this year than last year! but to my surprise that I found out later on in that class it was because when I was sitting on the bus earlier that morning I smeared blood all over the back of my white caprees. And when I went to sit down next to my crush he just busted out laughing so I got up to move and I seen this really cute guy so I sat down in front of him and he seen my thong was showing so he pulled it up so high then he felt something wet so he let go! when he looked down at his hands there was blood. he goes "what the f*ck is this?" I looked at his hands not knowing what he was talking about and seen blood! I almost fainted so I ran to the girls bathroom and as I turned the corner my health teacher(which is a guy) made me go sit back in my seat until I told him why I ran out of the classroom! THAT IS MY MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT!(at school)
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