Naked for surprise party


It was my 22nd birthday party and I went almost an entire day without one person wishing me a happy birthday. I at least expected a call while I was at work but none came. I couldn't be prepared for what what was about to happen next. I got home and I was going to take a bubble bath and go to bed (I had a rough day). In my duplex the only place to take a bath is a bathroom in the basement. Also in the basement is my den where I have people over and watch movies, and hang out. This is the room where I spent most of my time. Thinking no one was in my house I got naked upstairs and went into the basement. The lights all of a sudden turned on and every single member of my family yelled "surprise!" Then when they saw me all of their jaws dropped. I was standing in front of my parents, my grandparents, my friends, and my co-workers. My boyfriend, who I thought was out of town, had let them all in. I was so embarrassed!
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