Cum one Cum All


When I was 18, I went on a family vacation with my GF her, her sister and her Mom. All 3 Ladies are very good looking. All 3 were/are a little psycho. Now we are 4 days into the trip. Mom made sure that myself and her daughter had NO alone time. Now here I am bunking with 3 good looking women. Things were modest to a certain extent. Yet being in the same room with women changing. My GF and sister purposely running around in towels. Knowing that I was stiff, and trying to hide my stiffness from Mom. Not to mention the groping and fondling that went on in pools and lakes. Here I am with a 4 day erection, my bitch of a girlfriend made sure that I couldn't relieve myself either, by monitoring my bathroom times. I was seriously hoping that I would Cum in my pants, my balls hurt so bad. Now Night #4 we were in a very rural area. We drove too far that day. All of us just wanted to stop and sleep. We found a small Inn. More like a bed and breakfast. This wasn't a family place, it was for couples. Yet the rooms were available, so we stayed. The rooms were elegant yet small, 2 per room. Obviously I would not be allowed to bunk with my GF or her sister(though I did bunk Her several times in the future). There we are me and my GF's Mom. As mentioned she was attractive. After dinner, all of us went to our rooms. We got ready for bed. I sleep in jockey shorts, loose fitting and thin material, very comfortable. Now GF's Mom wore an over sized man's button shirt. This was quite shear, and did give me several opportunity's to confirm that she wore no panties or bra. Not too mention us 2 had a few drinks, and Mom was getting silly. We played cards for a bit. Drank for a bit. We sat facing each other, playing cards. I had a painful erection now for a long time. I tried to keep my hands in my lap to conceal it. I'm certain she knew what was UP, though. Then it was time for fate to step in. She went to the bathroom, her cell phone rang. She screamed for me to answer it. I had to go across the room to get it out of her purse. Having a boner and all I hesitated and missed the call. As she came out of the bathroom she walked right to me to check caller I.D. I purposely stood back to her, my erection was standing proudly out the front of my boxer's. I wouldn't face her, she thought something was wrong. My groin was on fire, my asshole was quivering. I knew I was going to shoot any second. She grabbed my shoulders as if to console me. As I turned I couldn't hold back. I started to cum in very hot streams, she was close enough that my first load landed on her right breast. My orgasm was so intense for holding back so long. My legs turned to rubber and I went to my knees. She reached out to catch me, and we both went to the floor. When it was over, my cum was all down her legs. I know my dick touched several areas of her skin. My cum was even between my toes. She then turned away from me, on her knees. Her arm went between her legs, she fell forward on the bed moaning. She had her own orgasm. We went to sleep in silence. The next morning, I started to say something. She put her finger to my lips, and just shook her head no. Pretend it never happened, in all honesty though, I will never forget it.
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