Sunbathing nude


My bf called me to come over to his house one day because his parents were gone and won’t be back till 7PM, it was 4PM. I asked if I could bring my best friend with me and he said yes. When we got there, he was lying on the lounge chair nude; he has hedges around his house so he didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing him. I got outside and said "Hey, big stuff!" And he's like "Hey! Wanna join me?" and we're like "Cool, I’ve never sunbathed nude". So my friend and I stripped and he got a boner right away, my bf got out the suntan lotion and asked if he could put some on me I said "Sure" and he started rubbing my body, paying attention to my boobs and pussy. My friend laid down on the 2nd chair, there was only 2. I started to get horny, standing outside nude. I knelt next to my bf and grabbed his dick saying "Mind if I sit here?" he said "sure". I straddled his waist and I started riding him right there! He finally came and I rolled off of him. Just then, my bf's mom, dad and sister walked through the screen door and started clapping. I'm thinking wtf? They explained that they decided to come home early and didn’t expect to find us out here doing the bad thing! They said they saw and taped the whole thing, my friend just kept laughing her ass off. Now we're married and sometimes when we come over to his parent's for a visit, they show us the video, I blush all the time, it was so embarrassing!
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