naked in front of the cheerleaders


This happened to me last year when I was a sophmore. This senior got really pissed at me after I took his spot on the varsity football team. So he decided to get me back for it. Him and his friends jumped me and tied me up in the girls locker room with nothing on except my boxers. Then the worst thing ever happened the cheerleaders practice got over and were coming into the locker room. About 30 hot girls. At first they did not see me then one of the freshman girls saw me. She said Oh my god their is a guy over here. Then all the cheerleaders came over and laughed at me. Then a senior girl yelled out come on girls we have a boy here who is helpless. Lets strip him. At that very moment I was more scared then I ever had been. The senior girl yanked my boxers down and their was a shriek of laughter from every girl in the locker room. They were all pointing at my boy downstairs and laughing then another senior girl goes OK everyone strip so we can measure him. And then all of the girls striped down to their underwear.Of course my little guy went straight up and the senior got a ruler and measured it. She then yelled out a small 4 and 1/2 inches. The girls were roaring with laughter. The senior girl then looked at the group of freshman girls that were staring at my penis. The senior asked them if they had seen one yet. All of them said no and the senior replied with a well then step on up here and play with it and experiment with it. (in other words molest his penis) After the freshman girls were done examining me the senior girl aloud all of the other girls to have their turn. then they all left me their to so any more girls who came in could see me naked. But before they did every girl made sure they said an insult to me about my small penis (even the freshman girls) I was so embarrassed and mad at the same time. After that the cheerleaders always called me baby dick in the halls and told all the girls in the school how small it was. I was so embarrassed. and the cheerleaders still call me baby dick. how embarrassing is that??
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