My husband and I had just got married, we were both 20, we had dated for 3 years anyway we had one kid, OK so after work on Friday night I sent my little boy to bed and then I went to my husbands and I bedroom well when I got in there he was sitting on the bed totally naked ( He and I are skinny so his six pack stuck out a lot) well the first thing I looked at was his cock, nice and glossy well I quickly tore off my dress and leaped on the bed well we got into a BJ and I was sucking his cock and he was licking my pussy because my butt area was in his face, then I sat on his stomach and he grabbed my boobs and I reached my hand under my pussy and started to fiddle with his cock well after that he wanted the handcuffs so he walked into the bathroom well I was tired so I spread my legs out still naked and drifted off well I woke up to something poking my pussy well I was like "Oh, that feels good, HARDER, HARDER." When my husband yells from the bathroom "What the heck are you talking about" The I looked down and my little boy was staring at me giggling. It was SOOOO terrible !!!
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