Streaking at the water park


This happened to me last year. My friends and I wanted to celebrate the end of the school year by going out to the local water park. I was really excited because I loved going there, mostly to check out the guys! Anyway, my friends and I were really wired that day, and I got so worked up I decided to play a trick on one of my friends. While she wasn't looking I snuck up behind her and untied her bikini top in front of everyone. Everyone thought it was so funny, and I did too. Little did I know she was about to pay me back ten fold. We were all having a blast at the park, going on the slides, eating, and having a great time. As I was walking around on my own my friend snuck up behind me and ripped my swimsuit right off. Shocked at what she did I screamed and covered myself with my hands. My friend ran off with my suit and not knowing what else to do I chased after her. Everyone in the park pointed and laughed as we ran by. We ran around for about 30 minutes minimum before she gave my suit back and the entire water park had seen my naked body. Not to mention my friends had made good use of their cameras on me as well. I'm still trying to work up the courage to forgive my friend.
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