Untied Bikini


I was about 14 years old and "fully developed". In gym class we had to go swimming, and my boy friend was in my gym class, so I decided to wear a bikini to turn him on. Well , as I was swimming one of my class mates untied both parts of my bikini and at the time I didn’t notice , until I got out of the pool to get a pair of goggles. Everyone in the class was looking at my fully exposed breast and crotch! That wasn’t even the worse part , as I started to put my arm over my breast and the other arm over my crotch , my boy friend came into the pool room after changing . You should have seen the look on his face at that moment I wasn’t sure what to do (the locker room doors were locked so no one could come in and there was no way out. So I was standing there completely naked until my boy friend came up to me with his towel and wrapped it around me then kissed me on the cheek and said "It’s ok baby" and walked me to an open door then brought me to the locker room safely Even though my boy friend took care of me and made sure no one laughed or said anything I was still embarrassed knowing that my whole gym class knew what I really look like
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