My aunt started crocheting a few years ago and one of the first things she every made for me was a sleeveless dress. It came down well above the knee, very form fitting and bright red, which is my favorite color. It wasn’t really sheer at all, but if I wore white underwear, you could tell from tiny little openings. Because of this, I wanted to get a beige slip for the dress, but the invitation to wear it came the very next day, and there was no time to shop. Thus, I went without a bra and I wore nude color pantyhose. I added a wide black belt at the hips to finish off the dress in a sharp look. It looked quite festive for the holidays! The first (and only) time I wore the dress was at an office party with my boyfriend. He picked me up and took me to a fancy restaurant were his company’s annual holiday party was. He wanted to show me off to his co-workers and was pleased as punch when he saw me in my new dress. After a round of introductions and a few drinks, the dancing began. I was really enjoying the admiring glances I was getting from many of the men at the party. Only after I noticed my boyfriend staring at my chest did I notice that the tips my nipples were poking through the crochet stitching of my top. The material had stretched and I must have started getting aroused. I was so embarrassed I started to pull at my top to get my nipples out of sight! Then I made a B line for the ladies room. I walked quickly past several tables, covering my chest and did not notice that I had snagged the corner of a table just below my hip. As I nearly reached the door to the hall I noticed that something was out of sorts with my knees. I looked down in horror as I saw that part of my skirt was between my knees and my calves… and the rest was strung out between that table and me. The entire party had watch my dress drop down to reveal my entire, pantyhosed ass and some very surprised young men coming into the room were staring at my pubs through the sheer pantyhose. I yanked what was left of my dress up, cut the yarn with my teeth and made my way to the ladies in tears. There was a full-length mirror in the ladies room, and I took stock of the situation. One of the girls from the office came in to console me and helped me put myself together. By pulling the bottom part of the dress, which was now more like a tattered skirt, up to the belt and pulling the belt down as far as I could, I could hide the line where the two parts met. This left the dress very, very short. The front just barely covered my crotch and the back was at least as short. With a bit of consoling from the nice gal, I made my return to the party to retrieve my date, assured that my nipples were no longer poking through and my dress was not indecent. My date surveyed my “revised� dress and nodded approvingly and being a gentleman, agreed to take me home. As we were leaving the restaurant I could see my reflection in two mirrors at once and from that position I could see that my fanny was clearly in full sight for all to see, but there was nothing I could do about it. I asked my boyfriend to walk behind me while I kept my purse in front of my crotch while we retrieved our coats. I told him about how a young girl had told me that the dress was definitely presentable when I was in the ladies and he asked me if it was the redhead that came in with me. I said “Yes� and he told me that she had been after him for months after breaking up with her previous boyfriend and she probably wanted to break us up for herself. I told my boyfriend that I would never be able to show my face at his company function again. He told me that I was the life of the party and that the only people who were disappointed were those that didn’t get a good eyeful. I still have not gotten enough courage to face another office party, but if I ever do, I am wearing good underwear!
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