Boxer briefs


One time in 8th Grade, I had this class,that was right across the hall from the one before it, so I could go down the hall to the bathroom before that class. So, I decide to do that. I use the bathroom and walk down the hall to class with time to spare. So, I walk into class, and the hottest girl in my grade says, "So you're a boxer brief guy?" I didn't get her message, then she said,"You're Fly is Open." I looked down, it was just me and Calvin Klein standing there. I realized that not only was it down, it was wide open, underwear and everything was showing. She's just laughing away at me. My face was beet red because I walked down a crowded hallway with my Fly WIDE F***ing OPEN and because a hot cheerleader was the one that notified me of this. I zipped it up, and the rest of the football team teased me about for the rest of the season.
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