Me and some guys and girls from work were chilling at some guys' house playing some cards when we decided to play strip poker. Well I wasn't doing great and was down to my underwear pretty soon, as was my best friend - some of the guys were looking pretty excited that they'd see us naked soon, and we were nervous they would! Next round I lost my bra and struggled to cover my boobs while holding my cards and the guys loved it. Next round I lost again and pleaded with the guys not to make me take off my last piece of clothing - they said I had to and I eventually did. Just a little later my best friend was naked too and the guys were teasing us as none of them had taken off anything 'good'. I said I was going to the toilet and made a grab for one guy's underwear, he grabbed me and pulled my arms behind me, exposing me to everyone! Then he threw mw outside and locked the door! Then he threw my friend out totally naked too! - so embarrassing!
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